Education & Training Advisor

Contact North

Contact North I Contact Nord recruits and provides free support services to an increasing number of students in 1,500+ rural and remote communities in English and French, in person at 78 locations across the province or by phone, email, or virtually. We respond to 1.7 million requests for services each year. Contact North I Contact Nord has an immediate opening for a professional with high-level skills, direct and extensive experience in sales or student recruitment, customer service, and community development for the following full-time, ongoing position:

The position is based in Pembroke, Ontario, with 80% of the time expected to travel across the Upper Ottawa Valley. The candidate is expected to reside in that area.

The successful candidate is responsible for generating a minimum average number of 25 student registrations per week, based on the needs and interests of the students, with priority given to programs and courses by Ontario’s public colleges, universities, and Indigenous institutes, and for the operations of the online learning centers as a condition of employment. Reporting to the Director, Recruitment & Partnerships, the Education & Training Advisor has the following deliverables

Job Description

Spend 80% of your time directly generating client registrations and ensuring compliance with registration requirements by:

  1. Developing and implementing marketing strategies to generate registrations;
  2. Undertaking standardized evidence-based recruitment initiatives and systematically assessing the impact of all major recruitment initiatives in terms of the specific number of registrations generated and completing necessary follow-ups;
  3. Conceptualizing and experimenting with new recruitment initiatives and systematically assessing their impact in terms of the specific number of registrations generated;
  4. Engaging with community, business, associations, and agencies such as Employment Ontario and Ontario Works as referral partners to generate registrations;
  5. Entering each of those client registrations in the customer relationship management tool (CRM);
  6. Ensuring each registration satisfies all the requirements of a registration;
  7. Keeping your CRM registration files always up-to-date, complete, and 100% compliant with all the requirements of what counts as a registration;
  8. Continuing to support these clients throughout their involvement with Contact North | Contact Nord; and
  9. Responding virtually and face-to-face to requests for services from students and prospective students.

Spend 20% of your time:

  1. Participate and contribute to daily meetings with the other Education & Training Advisors in your region and your Director, Recruitment & Partnerships, to submit updates on:
    1. the number of registrations you generated the preceding day,
    2. number of center visits,
    3. major recruitment opportunities, and
    4. best practices that can be replicated by other Education & Training Advisors.
  2. Flag any urgent or time-sensitive issues to your Director, Recruitment & Partnerships.
  3. Submit a Weekly Update to your Director, Recruitment & Partnerships, following the established format listing:
    1. the number of registrations generated and entered in the CRM,
    2. number of follow-ups completed with clients,
    3. number of new clients responded to,
    4. number of referral partners contacted and responded to,
    5. key operational and recruitment steps taken,
    6. complaints and how they were handled, and
    7. any major issues and how they were resolved.
  4. Monitor economic, demographic, and other trends in the communities you support.
  5.  Directly coordinate operations of the online learning center (s).


Education & Training Requirements:

  1. A college or university credential in a relevant field

Skills Requirements:

  1. 3-5 years experience and high skills in direct sales or recruitment
  2. 3-5 years experience and high skills in reaching out and engaging with business and community organizations
  3. 3-5 years of experience and high skills in making group and public presentations
  4. Full proficiency in Microsoft Office and CRM software
  5. Fully bilingual, with an equally high standard of verbal communication and business writing skills in both English and French (is considered an asset)

Other Requirements:

  1. Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  2. Must possess a valid driver’s license and reliable means of transportation, which allows for travel within the area (kilometer reimbursement included)

As the employer Contact North I Contact Nord:

  1. Selects and appoints the candidate on the basis of that candidate having confirmed she/he has a high command of the five skills listed under “Skills Requirements” and expects the appointed candidate to bridge any skill gaps at her/his own expense and during her/his personal time.
  2. Sets the requirement of generated registrations every year.
  3. Conducts periodic reviews of results and takes necessary actions if the requirement of generated registrations is not being met.

Compensation & Benefits

  • $27.32 per hour starting wage
  • Competitive employee benefits package
  • Employer/Employee Group RRSP with matching contribution plan of 6% each
  • 15 days of accumulated paid vacation annually

Hours of Work

Full-time appointment with 35 hours per week. Hours are mainly daytime; however, flexibility to accommodate evenings and weekends is required.