Our services are available to all members of the Upper Ottawa Valley community in the Petawawa, Deep River, and Deux-Rivières area. Whether you are a job seeker, a military spouse or veteran, a student, or an employer, we are a free and confidential service that will work with you to help you plan for success.

No. Our programs and services are completely free to users.

Our services are available to job seekers of any age including students.

Our team includes fully bilingual staff who provide one-on-one coaching, support and resources in both official languages. In the case where workshops are available exclusively in English, we do our best to provide the necessary support and/or alternate resources in french.

No. Our services are available to all job seekers and employers between Petawawa and Deux-Rivières.

As an employer, consider us your recruiting specialists. We help you to assess your hiring needs, put forth suitable candidates for your consideration, and even help evaluate applications so that you will find an employee who matches your needs.

We also help employers understand and apply for government incentive programs which offset the costs of training new employees.

We have two offices for your convenience. Our main office is located in Petawawa (3025 Petawawa Blvd., Unit D / Telephone 613-687-1717) and our satellite office is located in Deep River (43 Champlain St. / Telephone 613-584-1717)

Our Petawawa office is open Mon-Fri / 8AM – 4PM.
Our Deep River office is open Mon-Wed 8 AM – noon and then 1 PM – 4 PM. (we are closed from Noon-1PM)

We are pleased to be able to serve you both online and in person. You may choose your preference for your 1-1 coaching sessions. Other resources including workshops are available in various formats to meet your specific needs and preferences.

There are several reasons to use our services.

  • Every job market is unique- and our region is no different! We understand the local labour market realities- who is hiring, what skills are in demand, what challenges exist and how you can overcome them (or even use them to your avantage!)
  • It really is “who you know”! We support and have access to a large pool of both job seekers and employers- so we are in a unique position to access the ‘hidden job market” for job seekers and identify potential applicants for businesses looking for staff.
  • Everything is easier when you have help. We understand the challenges of looking for work or trying to find the right fit for job vacancies. Each of our team members has “been there” so- apart from being trained and highly experienced as Employment specialists- we can help keep you on track and motivated throughout the process. We’re your biggest cheer leader because your success is our success!

Working with us, you have access to the broadest range of employment opportunities in the Upper Ottawa Valley region. There are a wide variety of job vacancies in dozens of sectors. Apart from helping you to secure employment as quickly as possible, we can help with your medium and long-term career plans.

There are always well over 100 positions posted on our Job Board. Check them out here! And keep in mind that we may know of other upcoming opportunities, so make sure to connect with one of our Employment Coaches for a 1-1 session.

Absolutely! Helping people plan for longer term career goals is a big part of what we do. Contact us to arrange for a 1-1 session with one of our Employment Coaches and we’ll go from there.

Our Employment Service locations in both Petawawa and Deep River have up-to-date computer labs and equipment to assist you with your job search and/or skills upgrading. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to offer technical support if you need it. We can show you how to search online job banks, apply for a job online, and more.

In addition to the computer-based support, we are happy to help with faxing, emailing and application submission.

The use of these resources is free of charge, and no appointment is necessary.